Does it hurt to get implant-supported dentures?

Getting the dentures fixed to the implants is not painful. The implants themselves are inserted into the gums by a dentist, under local or general anesthetic—a relatively painless procedure. Subsequent lesions and gum inflammation may cause minor pain, which can be alleviated with dentist-prescribed pain medication.

Will my insurance plan cover a denturologist’s services?

In most cases, yes.
File a pre-approval form with your insurer to avoid nasty surprises.

How often should I see my denturologist?

You should book a checkup with your denturologist at least once a year.  

How often should I change my dentures?

The general recommendation is every five years. 

How should I take care of my dentures?
  • Rinse your mouth frequently to fight bacteria and bad breath
  • Wash your dentures with a denture brush and mild soap or gel toothpaste after every meal
  • Never use bleach, which is toxic and can damage your dentures
  • Take out removable dentures at night to facilitate blood flow to your oral tissues, which require oxygen and nutrients
My dentures are hurting me. What can I do?

Ill-fitting dentures can cause pain. Visit your denturologist’s office as soon as possible to get them properly fitted.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing dentures?

Your denturologist will take a wide range of factors into consideration, such as your complexion, features, face shape, and hair and eye colour, when making your dentures. They should match your facial features without any issues.


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