Why should I visit a denturologist?

Denturologists are experts in prosthetic dentistry; whether your concerns are cosmetic or health-related, they can help. 

Good to know

Your denturologist will consider your complexion, features, face shape and eye colour when designing your dentures to achieve a seamless overall look. 

Protect your natural teeth

Without support, teeth can shift toward exposed gum zones; partial dentures prevent this.

Avoid negative health effects

Dentures facilitate proper chewing and digestion, and prevent dental arch and joint imbalances.

Denture checks and maintenance

Ill-fitting dentures can cause headaches and joint pain. They should be replaced every five years.

For cosmetic reasons

Dentures will make you want to smile again, and prevent premature aging of the face caused by jaw bone resorption.  

Prevent tooth loss

(sports mouthguards)

Mouthguards offer better protection for contact and collision sports.