What is a denturologist?

Denturologists are recognized health care professionals who specialize in prosthetic dentistry.

They guide patients through the entire treatment process, from prosthesis design and construction, to fitting and adjustment.

What should I expect when getting dentures?

Step 1:

After examining the patient’s mouth, the denturologist develops a treatment plan and takes a first round of mouth impressions.

Step 2:

The patient undergoes a second round of mouth impressions.

Step 3:

The denturologist records upper maxillary and mandible positions, and helps the patient select teeth (shape, size, colour, etc.), taking into account the central axis of the patient’s face, the corners of their mouth, length of their upper lip, their smile line, etc.

Step 4:

The patient tries on the prosthesis to assess its functional and aesthetic components.

Step 5:

The prosthesis is installed. The denturologist evens out imperfections, makes minor hinge adjustments and relieves any pressure points on the gums.


A Denturologist is an expert in several types of dental prostheses who work directly with their patients to ensure a high-quality denture with a custom fit.

What does a denturologist do?

  • Assesses the patient’s needs
  • Draws up a treatment plan consistent with the patient’s condition and needs
  • Designs and constructs dental prostheses
  • Carries out a patient’s treatment plan
  • Evaluates and monitors treatment plans
  • Dispenses denture maintenance, fitting and replacement advice

Good to know

Denturologists also offer teeth whitening services.